Team Performance Practitioner with David Sibbet

Using Visual Tools for Commitment, Innovation and High Performance



In order to support teams to achieve higher performance, a clear model is needed. The Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance™ Model, the starting point of this workshop, explains the seven-stage process that teams encounter in their work. To resolve the challenges of each stage, specific questions need to be answered by the team. When the questions of a particular stage remain unresolved, the team's attention is not available to focus on the next stage, and team performance remains low. David Sibbet, the co-author of this model, will explain the ideas and the process theory that underly it.

The Team Performance Check-up will also be introduced in the workshop. A powerful assessment tool, the Check-up is a 50-question online questionnaire that addresses the seven stages of Team Performance. After every member of the team completes the survey, the report provides an overview of the stages of the team-building process and which ones are resolved or unresolved. This gives coaches, facilitators and team leaders insight about where to focus on in team-building activities that will support the team to achieve best results.

The third part of the workshop is training in the strategies, interventions, exercises and visual tools that will prepare you to support teams in resolving each of the seven stages. Several of these tools will be demonstrated in the workshop.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants become certified Team Performance Practitioners and can use the Team Performance Check-up in training and development of the teams they are working with.

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Practice team startup and team tune-up activities.

Be able to diagnose team strengths and challenges using the Team Performance Check-up online self-assessment tool. The Check-up is available in either English or German.

Learn how to use the results to plan and lead interventions, educating and enrolling team leaders.

Be able to lead tried-and-true team best practices, targeted for specific stages based on the team's unique challenges.

Learn to use visual tools to create team goals and plans linked to strategic objectives.

This workshop is for:

Managers and team sponsors who are facilitating team cultures
HR generalists and business supporters
Training managers
Team consultants


Your facilitators

David Sibbet
David has been an organizational consultant and information designer since 1977. He is founder of The Grove Consultants International, the pioneers of visual facilitation based in San Francisco/USA. He is the author of John Wiley & Sons' three-volume Visual Leadership Series as well as many of The Grove's leading-edge group-process tools and models for facilitation, team leadership and organizational transformation. David is a master facilitator of large-scale group processes, strategic visioning and creative, future-oriented symposia. His practice is informed by eight years of public affairs leadership development with the Coro Northern California Center for Civic Leadership. He holds a master's degree from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a B.A. in literature from Occidental College.

Gisela Wendling
Gisela is Director of Global Learning and Senior Consultant for The Grove Consultants International, San Francisco/USA. Her expertise is based in twenty years of working and consulting within a wide range of private and public organizations. Pairing a systems perspective with dialogic approaches, she creates unique opportunities for interactive, content-rich, outcome-focused and highly transformative individual and group experiences. Gisela received a doctorate in human and organizational systems from Fielding Graduate University and was the Director of the Masters Program in Organization Development at Sonoma State University. Her deep appreciation for cultural differences and how to bridge them is informed by field experiences in Peru, Africa, and Australia.

Marc Tscheuschner
Marc is president of Team Management Services, with offices in Bad Nauheim, Freiburg and Hannover/Germany. The company focusses on training facilitators, coaches and HR professionals in excellent team development tools, as well as supporting groups in gaining better results as a team. Marc has studied economics and has a background as a strategy consultant and member of the board of a youth welfare service. He is a master trainer of the Margerison-McCann Team Management System, one of the world's best-known families of tools for creating better teams. He is also a certified trainer for the Drexler/Sibbet/Forrester Team Performance System, which he has translated into German.


2.200,00 EUR (excl. Tax)

Two-day workshop
Accreditation fee
Team Leader Guide (190-page handbook)
Graphic Guides Templates for use in the workshop
Lunch and coffee breaks

How to register for this workshop

To register for this workshop please send an email to: info@tms-zentrum.de or please call +49 761 45985975. Ms. Karin Aurer will be happy to support you.